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My pal, Emily, and her one true love, Matt, recently eloped on a crisp winter evening at the Jefferson Memorial in DC. She has graciously allowed me to share her sentiments about the experience, their decision to elope, and what they discovered along the way. A little background: they were originally planning a destination wedding in Mexico. But after feeling the stress of planning, they decided to get back to basics, and back to the root of what they really wanted - to be married. The act of committing themselves to each other through marriage was indeed much greater than an open bar and mini fish tacos...

We discovered that it that didn’t matter what kind of clothes we wore for our wedding, but rather if we dressed ourselves in marriage with an open heart for only one another.

We discovered that our theme would include patience, kindness, laughter, hugs, forgiveness & most of all love. That theme never goes out of style.

We discovered we didn’t need expensive shoes for our wedding, it mattered more that we were promising to walk through life side by side—making no difference what was on our feet.

We discovered that our families were preparing us our entire lives for a marriage, not just over the past year for a single day.

We discovered that nothing can replace people showing up on your wedding day and supporting you, except for people showing up in your married life and supporting you when there isn’t an open bar and miniature fish tacos.

We discovered that any day of the year would do, it did not need to be a clever number combination day with perfect weather—any day that we are here, together, & healthy is as good a day as any to get married.

We discovered that if we got married at a National Monument, then millions of people would appreciate our venue.

We discovered that your wedding day is not about what will be, but rather what already is—and there is only one set of rules as to how it should be celebrated.

Your own.
— Emily & Matt

Congratulations to Emily and Matt! Not to worry, they'll still be celebrating with friends and family in Mexico later this year - but sans wedding-planning stress!